ProSIM Company社 AATF 向けに新しいモジュールが提供予定か

ネタ元は ProSIM Company 社社長の Pat Proctor さんの投函です。

1/4 の投函によると

In the past, peop.e have expressed frustration with the long delay between releases, so we have decided to try a new distribution model. We are working on a couple serial "mini-games" that will be released in installments of 3 or 4 scenarios. Thi will also gradually increase the number of maps and vehicles for scenario builders to work with. Finally, in tough economic times, this allows folks to try our games for under 15 dollars, too.

The first mini-game is producec by Gary Bezant (TFW). It is a modern gae with Brit vehicles in a Brit training area. It is analogous to the NTC campaign for ATF. I've been play testing it and its a blast!